Learn – Create – Incubate with Technology in Logan County IL

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LINCUBATE is a nonprofit 501c3

Lincubate is enabling the young people of Logan County and beyond to develop skills they can use to get high paying, rewarding jobs in technology. If you know someone who is into computers, technology, or needs to take their computer gaming skills to the next level please contact us. We help tech minded students understand computer fundamentals and provide them with a technical training track which gains them marketable skills in a short period of time. Lincubate helps the students create their own home lab so they may learn from home. Over the course of many months or years, the student will have a guaranteed job in technology.

Reason for starting Lincubate: All of small town America face new challenges to cover expenses of aging infrastructure and work force. Tech provides an avenue to create jobs in a short period of time. The new companies we can incubate locally will provide a great tax stream for our community and new high paying employment opportunities. We can’t accomplish this without having some tech talent that wants to stick around the community. Our goal is to take participants from introduction level to intermediate within 12 months, especially with the younger group ages 13-23. Our training focuses on teaching basic Information Technology skills to set them up for a career in technology.
Lincubate was founded in 2017 by Clint Pollock.

We cover computer fundamentals, computer hardware, computer software, operating systems, basic programming, basic circuitry, networking, server administration, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and basic business concepts.