Amazon to train millions on the cloud – join in!

New plan coming for 2021 to help get young people into tech and build skills that companies like Amazon are looking for! There is guaranteed work in tech making good money and having fun! Take a look at this – Amazon wants to train millions of people to work on “the cloud”.  

Install Ubuntu as a virtual server in ESXi

Download the ISO for Ubuntu Server version 17 from here – The Desktop version has a desktop UI you can interact with.  The Server version is command line only. Starting with the Server version will help you learn Unix command line.                   Now setup the user

VMWare ESXi Server Install

This is a general ESXi installation process for an old Dell desktop with 4GB or RAM, 150GB hard drive, keyboard, ESXi pre loaded USB Keyfob, a hub, and some network cables. You can pick up some amazing deals on servers that costs thousands of dollars for just a few hundred dollars here – Step