Sample Software Projects

DotNet If successful, work here – Amazon Web Services – Microsoft Azure –  

Connect Raspberry Pi to DHT11 Temp Humidity Sensor

We’ll be working with this existing project code. Video overview long version: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3: Project instructions long version – Hooking up the DHt 11 sensor to the Raspberry Pi visual – Be sure to watch the YouTube videos and run through all 4 parts! Get to the Terminal. 

Wireless & Wi-Fi Technology

The Wireless technology HackTrack includes anything wireless!! First task – setup and manage a WiFi network. Recommended WiFi for home or business is a MESH network technology. There are several options. Lincubate is training on this line from Ubiquiti Networks – Recommend these WiFi access points  The WiFi management device (optional, can use the Controller software installed

Py Traffic Lights

Install Python Source Location for PiTraffic – cd / cd optsudo mkdir trafficcd trafficsudo wget Run Wget command on the two .PY files – Here is the code that I came up with – import PiTrafficimport time SouthRed = PiTraffic.Traffic(“SOUTH”, “RED”)SouthYellow = PiTraffic.Traffic(“SOUTH”, “YELLOW”)SouthGreen = PiTraffic.Traffic(“SOUTH”, “GREEN”) EastRed = PiTraffic.Traffic(“EAST”, “RED”)EastYellow =