Which Security Cameras – Blink Ring Nest Arlo?

Which home security camera system is best for you? If you need something quick and easy, and also something which is battery operated, you want Blink, Ring, or Arlo. Blink cameras have the longest battery life, between 1-2 years.  Arlo has 6 months – 1 year battery life.  Ring cameras are also 6 months –

Parental Controls of Wi-Fi with TP-Link Deco

Parental Controls on TP-Link Deco Mesh systems help you have some control over what the Internet shows your children. These units also use Mesh Wi-Fi technology to cover large homes with a single Wi-Fi name.   https://www.bestbuy.com/site/tp-link-deco-ac1200-dual-band-mesh-wi-fi-5-system-3-pack-white/6359114.p?skuId=6359114   Reach out to us if you need some advice in this area.

Apple moves to help protect our privacy

Apple is having concern about the level of data collection on your phone. Link to story here: https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/tim-cook-took-a-swipe-at-facebook-after-mark-zuckerberg-accused-apple-of-misleading-users/ar-BB1dcPrv This is refreshing that Apple is standing up for its users, at least at face value. Working in software security we have always known Apple to take security more seriously than Android.  An Apple device does cost

Multiple WiFi networks at home?

Try a newer technology called Mesh WiFi.                   These devices make it easy for you to extend your network with a single WiFi name throughout your house or property. The best value we are seeing currently is this system for around $140 – TP-Link Deco Mesh Wi-Fi