Hire a Lincubate Tech!

Lincubate is rolling out a new Technology Services offering for 2021 to accelerate the career development of young individuals by hiring them to provide reasonable cost tech services for our community!  Lincubate will be acting as the Project Manager and expertise backbone to assist with our community tech projects both business and personal.

Our Tech Success packages provide some basic tasks we find many people are in need of – general synch of photos, contacts, files, and hooking up all of these smart devices in your home and making them work for you!

We teach students how to develop tech solutions – and the best way to learn is hands on.  Home automation and gadgets is something young people excel at – we show them how to turn those skills into solution solving.  This is an area that is booming – with lots of people having an Alexa, or Google…but is it really working for you?  We can take your system to the next level of usability for you and your tech.

An experienced Lincubate Tech will take the lead on your project and will work with myself (Clint) and other Lincubate Techs to help come up with the best tech solution for your needs, provide an estimate, and implement.

All income goes back into the Lincubate cause to help educate more young Lincubate Techs, get them a job with us, and hopefully get them moving into a career at a very young age.  You might even find a few of our Lincubate Techs you want to hire for your own team!  That would be mission accomplished!

See our Technology Services page for details on our plans – and give us a call or email for a consultation with myself and a Lincubate Tech.

We provide services from our new office location and have techs capable of home / business visits.

Clint Pollock

Founder, Lincubate

Principal Solutions Architect, Veracode