Multiple WiFi networks at home?

Try a newer technology called Mesh WiFi.










These devices make it easy for you to extend your network with a single WiFi name throughout your house or property.

The best value we are seeing currently is this system for around $140 – TP-Link Deco Mesh Wi-Fi System.

To set these up you plug in one of the units to your router, get the TP Link app for your phone, and follow directions on the phone app from there.

The phone app will help you setup the other two units which will communicate wirelessly to each other.

The result will be a single WiFi name across your entire home or business.  These units also offer parental controls to help reduce the internet usage of our vulnerable youth.




Do you have outbuildings or large areas of property you need coverage for WiFi or security cameras?  Lincubate Techs can help.

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