Give your child a head start with their career

Does your child take apart gadgets to see how they work? Do you depend on them for tech support? They are perfect for Lincubate!

What is Lincubate?

Lincubate is a mentor program for tech minded children and their parents.  We provide students guidance to establish a home computer lab for them to practice tasks suggested by Lincubate.  We help the parents understand what the high level tasks are so they can ensure the child is moving along. Eventually, the student should start to self generate new projects and begin working on them. This is critical – we are looking for students that have technical aptitude, who have drive, and are genuinely interested in technology.  A successful student of Lincubate is one that spends hours working on their computer lab learning new things instead of playing video games.

Tech is natural for todays children and young adults.  With guidance they can be shown how to make a career out of it and gain a huge head start in life.  You can’t really practice being a medical doctor as a kid, but you can sure be a PC doctor!  This gains the student an interest in something and a creates a potential career path at a very young age.  They will be working in their field much sooner than others with this early interest they can establish in tech.  Since everything is affected by technology and computers in this era it helps to have some experience. We mentor them through this process which takes about 12-24 months.  The process involves consultations with the parents and student, group training sessions to get them started, remote assistance, ongoing training meetings, and progress updates. Most of the learning is done at home at the students on pace and direction.

How much does Lincubate cost?

There is no cost for students who meet or exceed the Intermediate level (see below).  Anyone at Intermediate level is eligible to be hired as a Lincubate Tech and help solve technology solutions for our customers. This will give students a starter job and resume. For students who need to get to beginner level, we need to cover the cost of training and mentoring the student.  There is a fee for this, including a requirement to acquire equipment so they may practice on it. Lincubate has discounted equipment available. Students must be accepted into the program by demonstrating some kind of existing tech skills.

To apply, fill out the form at the bottom of this page to setup an interview.

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