Raspberry Pi Install Operating System

To get your device up and running we need to install the Operating System.

You can:

1) Use NOOBS, and copy NOOBS to a USB Keyfob and boot the device.  This can be problematic when trying to re-install the OS.

2) Download the Raspian image and use RUFUS to burn the image to a USB (Need at least 2GB USB Drive).

3) Preferred = Headless.  Download the Raspian image and use ImageUSB to burn the image to your SD card.

Option 2:

If you are getting started, download the Desktop version.  Eventually you can use the “Lite” version which does not have a desktop.

The desktop takes up CPU and memory but you can use it as a computer.


Choose Desktop or Lite

Extract / Unzip the disc image file from the ZIP file.

Download Rufus – https://rufus.akeo.ie/

Burn the disc image to a USB keyfob –

Connect to WiFi


sudo raspi-config

If using the desktop version, in the upper right you might see to red XX – this is where you can select WiFi.

enable SSH


sudo raspi-config


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