Tech Workshop: Early Career Tech Accelerator

NEW! Tech Workshop for young people seeking a career in technology. October 14th for three sessions. 5 spots available.

Lincubate Tech Center Learning Lab

Participating in our “Early Career Tech Accelerator Setup Home IT Tech Lab Setup with Hyper-V, Practical Applications, and Remote Access” workshop offers significant benefits for young individuals looking to jumpstart their tech careers early in life:

  1. Skill Acquisition: Our workshop equips young learners with practical, hands-on IT skills that are directly applicable in the tech job market. From setting up virtual environments to working with essential technologies like Hyper-V, Docker, and firewalls, participants gain valuable expertise.
  2. Versatility: With a strong foundation in virtualization, containerization, and networking, young individuals become versatile tech professionals. These skills are in high demand across various IT roles, enabling them to explore different career paths.
  3. Resume Enhancement: Completing the workshop and earning a certificate of completion adds a valuable credential to a young person’s resume. It demonstrates initiative, practical knowledge, and a commitment to self-improvement, all of which are appealing to potential employers.
  4. Early Career Advancement: Armed with relevant skills, young learners are well-positioned to land entry-level tech jobs or internships, even before completing formal education. These early career opportunities provide valuable experience and set the stage for future growth.
  5. Networking Opportunities: Our dedicated chat support group fosters a sense of community among participants. Young individuals can connect with peers who share similar interests, exchange ideas, and potentially find mentorship opportunities in the tech field.
  6. Problem-Solving Skills: The troubleshooting and security aspects of the workshop teach young learners to think critically and solve complex IT challenges. These problem-solving skills are highly transferable and sought after by employers.
  7. Competitive Advantage: In the competitive job market, young individuals with practical IT skills have a distinct advantage. They can demonstrate their ability to contribute to projects from day one, making them more appealing candidates for tech roles.
  8. Career Direction: The workshop also provides guidance for those who may be uncertain about their tech career path. By exploring virtualization, containerization, and networking, young individuals can discover their passions and make informed decisions about their future in tech.
  9. Income Potential: Early entry into the tech industry can lead to earning income sooner, helping young individuals become financially independent and secure their financial futures.
  10. Long-Term Growth: The skills learned in this workshop serve as a strong foundation for continuous learning and career growth. Young tech enthusiasts can build upon these skills as they progress in their careers.

By participating in our workshop, young individuals not only gain technical knowledge but also the confidence and readiness to enter the tech job market early in life. These advantages can set them on a trajectory for a successful and fulfilling career in the rapidly evolving field of technology.

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Workshop detail

Session 1: Windows 11, Hyper-V, and Remote Access

  • Start with a Windows 11 machine and install Hyper-V, a widely used virtualization platform in the IT industry.
  • Set up a basic Windows Server and Unix machine to gain hands-on experience with different operating systems.
  • Configure VPN connection for remote access so they can access from home.
  • During the week, independently install WordPress on both Windows and Unix systems to practice application deployment. Guidance provided.
  • Access a dedicated chat support group for assistance with questions.

Session 2: Docker and Containerization

  • Install Docker, a leading containerization platform revolutionizing IT operations.
  • Explore running Docker images and basic commands, gaining practical experience in modern application deployment.
  • Understand containerization, a critical skill in DevOps, cloud computing, and IT infrastructure.

Session 3: Networking Fundamentals and Security

  • Delve into networking fundamentals, a cornerstone of IT knowledge.
  • Set up a firewall and learn to configure it to secure your network and applications.
  • Develop skills in web application security and network protection, essential in various IT roles.

Workshop Details:

  • Duration: Monthly, 3 sessions on Saturday October 14, October 21, and October 28 from 9am-12
  • Format: In-person
  • Prerequisites: Basic interest in technology.
  • Materials: Workshop materials, resources, and lab setup guide provided
  • Hardware: We provide server equipment hosted at our office during the workshop. A home computer is required to accomplish work from home actives.
  • Refurbished laptops and desktops available for purchase for students at-home practice.
  • Cost: $299 for the complete 3-session workshop, with all proceeds benefiting our nonprofit organization for covering operating costs.
  • Certificate of Completion: Awarded upon successfully setting up your home IT tech lab.
  • Support: Access to a dedicated workgroup chat in Slack for ongoing assistance and questions in between sessions and beyond.

By enrolling in this workshop, you or your kids you may be enrolling not only gain valuable tech skills but also understand how to set up remote access to your virtual systems, enhancing your ability to manage and practice with convenience. Working on tasks between sessions using remote access to the machines hosted at our office promotes continuous learning and reinforces the knowledge you acquire during the sessions. You’ll enjoy the convenience of using our server equipment hosted at our office during the workshop, and our refurbished laptops and desktops for purchase provide you with an affordable option to practice at home with dedicated equipment. The dedicated Slack workgroup chat offers continuous assistance and answers to your questions, ensuring your success in setting up and maintaining your home IT tech lab with Hyper-V. Your workshop fee also contributes to our cause, supporting building expenses and equipment acquisition for our educational initiatives. Thank you for being part of this mission!

Book here or call with questions. (877) 770-9506