Hire Lincubate Techs!

Lincubate is a non profit that teaches young people technology skills they can use to get a job in technology.  

Once students develop the basic tech skills needed, we hire them, and train them to help our community with technology solutions for home and business.  This is a great way to get quality tech help and assist a young person in their career development.

Tech Success Basic     Cost: in office $90 

  • 1.5 hour session to assist with your technology needs, for example:
  • Setup or fix Cloud synch of photos, files, passwords, contacts, email, across your phone, tablet, and desktop/laptop.
  • Help with your passwords.  We help you reset passwords that are forgotten help you with managing your passwords in general by setting up password management that will work across your devices.
  • Optimize your phone and computer – review for problem apps, free up space.  If there are any serious problems, we will require the Advanced packaged to refresh the device.
  • Discuss home automation and the best choice of platform for your needs (Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Alexa, Google, Ring, and so on)
  • Discuss best options / brand / models for new desktop or laptop computer.
  • Seek advice on any other tech issues.

Tech Success Advanced     Cost: $250 in office

  • Provides a computer refresh – this refresh process will resolve most software related issues and give your computer a fresh start.
    • Includes replacement of existing hard drive to newer / faster Solid State Drive (SSD) technology
    • General clean of the machine of dust etc
    • 250GB size include, larger sizes are available for additional fee.
    • A Lincubate Tech will:
      • survey applications that you use to ensure they are replaceable during the refresh
      • backup any data
      • swap out the hard drive
      • reinstall Windows fresh
      • re-synch your files from cloud.
      • provide you with ability to try out your apps and make sure everything works
  • Service is done while you wait in the office, can be left with us, or for additional cost we can provide an in home visit.
  • This services requires about 4-5 hours total.

Tech Success Advanced + refurbished Windows laptop     Cost: $425 in office

  • Includes everything in Tech Success Advanced Package in addition to refurbished Windows laptop

Tech Success Home Automation, pricing per project. We can evaluate your needs and demonstrate options during an in office visit for $90.

  • Help you choose what automation system is best for you
  • Smart Outlets 
  • Smart Switches
  • Thermostats
  • Cameras
  • Doorbells
  • Robot vacuums
  • Security and fire alarm systems
  • Optimize configurations and setup your automation / voice commands
  • We handle installation of all devices

Tech Success Wi-Fi – entire house / entire property / entire business, pricing per project

  • Wi-Fi and home networking setup for entire house or property (outbuildings etc).
  • Get Wi-Fi distributed around your property without having multiple Wi-Fi network names
  • Get a wireless signal inside of that metal shed
  • Wired and wireless solutions

Tech Success for Business, pricing per Project

  • Networking / Wi-Fi
  • Basic web site redesign using WordPress
  • Email hosting (Office 365)
  • General technology consulting and solution solving
  • Equipment data cleansing and recycling
  • Assistance with transition to cloud (email, website, applications).

All Lincubate Tech resources are at the disposal of our Lincubate Techs during every job.  We are a nonprofit and all money goes back to serve the Lincubate efforts.  We help get kids into tech at a young age and show them how to develop a career with it.

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