Hire Lincubate Techs!

Lincubate is a non profit that teaches young people technology skills they can use to get a job in technology.  

Once students develop the basic tech skills needed, we hire them, and train them to help our community with technology solutions for home and business.  This is a great way to get quality tech help and assist a young person in their career development.

Tech Success Basic     Cost: in office $90 

  • 2-3 hour session to assist with your technology needs
  • Setup or fix Cloud synch of photos, files, passwords, contacts, email, across your phone, tablet, and desktop/laptop.
  • Help with your passwords.  We help you reset passwords that are forgotten help you with managing your passwords in general. Typically we set you up with a free application called LastPass.
  • Optimize your phone and computer – review for problem apps, free up space.  If there are any serious problems, we will require the Advanced packaged to refresh the device.
  • Discuss home automation and the best choice of platform for your needs (Android, iOS, PC, Mac, Alexa, Google, Ring, and so on)
  • Discuss best options / brand / models for new desktop or laptop computer. We stock basic desktop units from Dell.
  • Seek advice on any other tech issues.

Tech Success Advanced     Cost: $250 in office

  • Includes everything in Tech Success Basic Package
  • Provides a computer refresh – this refresh process will resolve most software related issues and give your computer a fresh start.
    • Includes replacement of existing hard drive to newer / faster Solid State Drive (SSD) technology
    • General clean of the machine of dust etc
    • 250GB size include, larger sizes are available for additional fee.
    • A Lincubate Tech will:
      • survey applications that you use to ensure they are replaceable during the refresh
      • backup any data
      • swap out the hard drive
      • reinstall Windows fresh
      • re-synch your files from cloud.
      • provide you with ability to try out your apps and make sure everything works
  • Service is done while you wait in the office, can be left with us, or for additional cost we can provide an in home visit.
  • This services requires about 4-5 hours total.

Tech Success Advanced + refurbished Windows laptop     Cost: $425 in office

  • Includes everything in Tech Success Advanced Package in addition to refurbished Windows laptop

Tech Success Home Automation, pricing per Project

  • Help you choose what automation system is best for you
  • Smart Outlets 
  • Smart Switches
  • Thermostats
  • Cameras
  • Doorbells
  • Robot vacuums
  • Security and fire alarm systems
  • Optimize configurations and setup your automation / voice commands
  • We handle installation of all devices

Tech Success Wi-Fi – entire house / entire property / entire business, pricing per Project

  • Wi-Fi and home networking setup for entire house or property (outbuildings etc).
  • Get Wi-Fi distributed around your property without having multiple Wi-Fi network names
  • Get a wireless signal inside of that metal shed
  • Wired and wireless solutions

Tech Success for Business, pricing per Project

  • Networking / Wi-Fi
  • Basic web site redesign using WordPress
  • Email hosting (Office 365)
  • General technology consulting and solution solving
  • Equipment data cleansing and recycling
  • Assistance with transition to cloud (email, website, applications).

All Lincubate Tech resources are at the disposal of our Lincubate Techs during every job.  We are a nonprofit and all money goes back to serve the Lincubate efforts.  We help get kids into tech at a young age and show them how to develop a career with it.

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