Which Security Cameras – Blink Ring Nest Arlo?

Which home security camera system is best for you?

If you need something quick and easy, and also something which is battery operated, you want Blink, Ring, or Arlo.

Blink cameras have the longest battery life, between 1-2 years.  Arlo has 6 months – 1 year battery life.  Ring cameras are also 6 months – 1 year battery life.







Ring has powered and battery operated cameras and even some with spotlights.

The good with the above cameras is that they are easy to install and hookup.  However, they do not record 24X7 video.  They record motion activated clips.

This means you might miss something important before or after the clip.  For this reason, Nest Cams are better.  They record 24X7 video, but all Nest cameras need power.

Nest Cams charge $12 per month. You get 60 days of motion event storage and 10 days of 24X7 video for up to 10 cameras.  All of these cameras described require an Internet connection and send video up to the Cloud (the Internet), making it easy for you to manage and see clips from your phone or tablet.

Nest Cam:


In addition, Nest can alert you when it sees a person, or when it hears a dog barking.  Their IQ series can identify faces so that if the camera sees someone it does not know, you can be alerted.

If you have good high speed internet and can connect a Nest Cam to power somehow, we suggest that route. If not, any of the other three will do. Blink, Arlo, Ring do not need a lot of Internet speed – so if you have slower internet such as a low DSL package or satellite internet you want to go that route.

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